In 2015, Elen Awalom founded The Ola Initiative. Ms. Awalom has over 15 years of experience as a human rights activist, with a specific focus on the intersections of race, class & gender. She is also a web developer and a serial technology start-up entrepreneur. 

With the support of members, Ms. Awalom has been able to bootstrap the company, launching a monthly event series in multiple cities including DC and San Francisco. 



Elen Awalom


Reve Warfield

Advisory Board:

Bari A. Williams, Lead Counsel at Facebook

Deldelp Medina, Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at CODE2040

Bianca Escalante, Social Impact at GitHub

Frieda McAlear, Researcher at Level Playing Field Institute 

Cecilia Corral, Co-Founder and VP at YCombinator company CareMessage

Laura I. Gomez, Founder at Atipica & ProjectInclude

Kristy Tillman,  Design Director at Society of Grownups, Founder at Tomorrow Looks Bright

Monique Woodward, Venture Partner at 500Startups